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Solfins has a well-trained and well-coordinated technical support team. We strive to create a work environment in which all Solfins employees are satisfied and their work and efforts are reflected in the satisfaction of our customers. First-class technical support backed by our experience in implementing software is an additional Solfins valuable offer for our top quality software solutions.

Annual maintenance is provided by Solfins and software manufacturer. Software manufacturer continually improves the software, adapting it to the demands of clients and correcting any perceived shortcoming. Solfins provides its clients with technical support. Clients subscribed to technical support services receive:
1) Installation media with the latest versions of software packages
2) Help with installation of new software versions
3) Regular software updates (Service Packs)
4) Possibility to request software improvements
5) Telephone support by Solfins
6) Periodic Solfins evaluation visits to assess training levels and engineering practices
7) 24 hour access to a network of global technical support via Solfins
8) 24 h access to knowledge bases of software vendors
9) Access to customer forums, where knowledge and ideas are exchanged
10) Free attendance at educational seminars organized by Solfins


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1. By phone


How do we provide support?

All Solfins technical support engineers are equipped with licensed TeamViewer software for remote access and support. If a software problem occurs our engineers can connect to your computer to diagnose the problem and find the solution.

We provide free TeamViewer software to our clients. The software does not require installation and clients do not have to deal with the software installation barriers some companies have. Your privacy is fully guaranteed, given access to your computer is possible only after you give us the code generated every time the application is rebooted.


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