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solidworks 3d cad, razvoj proizvoda, konstrukcije, tehnologije, kreiranje izlaznih specifikacija, liste delova, utrošak materijala 239_solidcam_imachining_cam_masinska_obrada_cnc.jpg 239_altium_pcb_fpga_cam.jpg 239_lantek_nesting_plasma_laser_waterjet_cutting.jpg
SolidWorks 3D CAD (only in Serbian) SolidCAM (only in Serbian) Altium (only in Serbian) Lantek (only in Serbian)

Product development and design, technical documentacion, BOMs...

Software for programming all types of metal cutting machines (lathes, milling machines, machining centers, multi-tasking machines, EDM)...

Covers all phases of electronic design: design creation, schematics, PCB design, data management, FPGA, CAM... 

Software for programming CNC machines for sheet metal cutting (laser, waterjet, punching, and plasma). 

239_solidworks_electrical_elektro-semiranje.jpg 239_soliworks_simulation_fem_fea_fem_proracuni.jpg 239_epdm_dokument_menadzment_solidworks.jpg 239_logopres_die_design_deformacija_lima.jpg
SolidWorks Electrical (only in Serbian) SolidWorks Simulation (only in Serbian) SolidWorks Enterprise PDM (only in Serbian) Logopress (only in Serbian)

Simple creation of single & multi line schematics, large library of symbols & parts, 3D modeling for exact cable & wire harnessing design.

Accurate design analysis for better products by giving designers a safety net for catching errors and the freedom to innovate knowing that costly mistakes won’t be passed down the line.

Easily find and repurpose files, parts, and drawings; share design information; automate workflows and ensure that manufacturing always has the right version.

Software to enable blank prediction, unbending, strip layout, and automated die design.

239_solidworks_plastics_injection_simulation.png 239_flow_simulation_valve_ventil.png 2D CAD, 239_draftsight_ravansko_projektovanje_autocad.jpg 239_3dvia_solidworks_composer.jpg
SolidWorks Plastics (only in Serbian) SolidWorks Simulation (only in Serbian) DraftSight 2D CAD (only in Serbian) SolidWorks Composer (only in Serbian)

Predicts and avoids defects during the earliest stages of plastic parts and mold design. Improves quality, eliminates costly mold rework, and decreases time-to-market. 

Simulates fluid flow, heat transfer, and fluid forces critical for design's success. Takes the complexity out of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and enables Product Engineers to use CFD insights for making their technical concurrent engineering decisions.

Complete and free software for 2D design. DWG format and user interface compatible with AutoCAD.

Effectively communicate complex product details by leveraging 3D CAD data across your organization to create polished content and animations.

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Software solutions

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