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We can help you to stay competitive. We provide engineering services in line with Western project management and quality standards, but at a fraction of the Western cost. Our services are tailored to help you keep your costs down while retaining your core engineering capacities. Just pass your work overloads to us and our engineers will do the rest. Solfins management combines the best of western and eastern European education, and has extensive experience (twenty years!) of working for companies in the USA and Europe. Our well-trained and versatile labor force can ensure you a smooth project flow and timely delivery of a product fitted to your specifications.

We focus primarily on the design of special machines for industrial automation. We have a proven record in working with the most reputable automatic assembly equipment builders in the US and Europe.



Our president is watching this closely as he has expressed a desire to have more work done by your company. I have told him that everything is going well thus far and that we just have to get through this first assembly to have the exchange of information go a bit more smoothly. I certainly appreciate your timely responses to questions and corrections. It is almost as though you are just down the road and not a continent away.
Overall, the package as presented to date is very impressive.
Keep up the good work.
The machine has been assembled complete, except for the mandrel, for a couple of weeks. Basically the guys in the shop who had to make the bits and assemble the machine felt you did a very good design job and I agree.
I just got back from the design review and the machine was approved for build with only a few changes requested. We do not have to shorten it. Thanks for your effort so far, the customer thought the drawings were very well done. Please call me with any concerns or questions.
Yesterday we checked all your drawings. 
Thank you for the good collaboration, we are very satisfied with the quality of your work!

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